Monday, June 17, 2013

Off on another adventure...

As I'm writing this I'm waiting for the arrival of my new Canon 6D! I sold the 7D last week, so have been camera-lesss (at least digital camera-less) for a week. Kinda weird. I don't seem to mind when I have it and decide not to shoot, but not having a box altogether is a little frustrating.

But I'm sure the wait will be worth it. I'm planning on heading out to the Sierra's and beyond as soon as it arrives and I get a chance to play with it a bit to make sure everything works. First stop will most likely be Mono Lake for sunrise. I haven't decided yet whether I'll go through Yosemite and make a stop, or go over HWY 4 and stop where I shot the star trails last time. A lot depends on when I leave, which depends on when the camera arrives.

But the plan is to  be at the Tufa's by sunrise. Weather is calling for some clouds so it could end up being a very good plan. Of course any trip to the Eastern Sierra's is a good plan regardless of the weather.

After that I want to head over to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest in the Alabama Hills of Eastern California. The oldest trees in the world are here and they have some pretty wild and magnificent shapes. I've passed by the cutoff road many times, and now will make a visit. If things work out I'll get there by sunset, and be able to set up for some night shooting. The skies by then should be clear and at 11,000 feet, the stars will be brilliant. Doing night shots with the full-frame and a 10-22 should bring some incredible results!

Depending on how I feel by then I may stay the night or head back to Lone Pine. Either way it will be sunrise shots of Mt. Whitney.

Then it's north on 395 through Susanville and on to Lassen. I may make a few stops along the way depending on what I see and want to shoot. I haven't been to Lassen in years so this will be a nice return. I think my last visit was while I was still married, so that's a good 25 years.

After that I want to take CA HWY 299 from Redding to Arcata, just north of Eureka. I did this trip in 2006, when I first started with digital photography, and have been wanting to go back. I was quite a few Bald Eagles but didn't have a long enough lens to really get any good shots. Not that I have the 400 hopefully that will help. I don't have an extender so we'll just have to see.

Then it's down the coast with a definite stop at Shelter Cover. Depending on when I get there I may spend a couple days. It's never long enough. Of course there will be stops along with way through the redwoods, with hopes of catching some critters with the new 150 macro.

Then down the rest of the coast - Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Point Arena, Fort Ross, and on and on. I haven't done a trip like this in a LONG time so am excited. Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to show when I return. I won't be bringing a computer along on the trip, just lots of high-volume cards. ;)

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